Keeping My New Pets Healthy

Recommendations To Help You Set Up A Healthy Environment For Your New Pet Reptile

Reptiles are a fun pet to keep in your home, and many types are relatively easy to take care of. Whether you choose a lizard or a snake, there are many different species of each, so make sure you research their specific needs and check with your local pet store specialist. Here are some of the more important details surrounding your reptile's new terrarium setup and tips to help you set up their habitat home. Read More 

How To Land Veterinary Internships

If you love dogs, cats, horses, and other animals, then seeking a job in the veterinary field is probably something that interests you. In order to be the best veterinarian possible, it is important to spend time training and observing these professionals in action. By watching someone with years of schooling and a degree in the field, you will have the confidence and experience needed to start your career. There are several things to remember when seeking a veterinary internship opportunity. Read More 

Maybe You Should Get a Dog

If you want to bring a puppy into your life, then you can be making a decision that will benefit you for many years and bring so much joy to your life. If you are going back and forth with whether now is the right time for a puppy or whether you should put it off longer, then ask yourself the questions here and you should find it easier to come to a conclusion. Read More 

Boarding Your Dog For The First Time

When pet owners have to travel for an extended period of time, they will need to make sure that their animal is safe while they are away. To this end, boarding the dog is likely to be the best option. Consider Whether Your Dog Would Benefit From Being Boarded At A Veterinary Clinic Unfortunately, there are many dogs that suffer from potentially serious health problems that can make boarding them complicated due to facilities lacking the staff and equipment needed to provide care. Read More 

A Few Things You Need To Know To Make Your Dog A Service Dog

Service dogs are a great aid to someone with a disability. These animals can be trained to help you perform different daily tasks, help you with mobility, and let you know if you are about to have a medical crisis. It is important to understand that you cannot just put a vest on a dog and claim they are a service dog. However, it is possible to make your own dog a service dog. Read More 

About Me

Keeping My New Pets Healthy

When I inherited a few dogs from my mother, I was a little nervous about how to care for them. I was concerned about keeping them healthy and strong, so I worked hard to read more about what I needed to do each and every day. I was able to completely overhaul my daily routine to accommodate my pets, and it was really rewarding. Within about three weeks, my pets seemed happy, healthy, and strong. This blog is all about learning how to keep your new pets healthy and avoiding some of the common rookie mistakes that could make your pets sick.